1. pokemon 5

    Variables and Values

  2. declare variables called 'country', 'city' and 'population'
  3. assign their values according to your own country
  4. log their values to the console
  1. pokemon 5


  2. create "firstName" and "last_name" variables
  3. assign your values
  4. create "address" variable and assign "main street" value to it
  5. re-assign address to "first street" later
  6. log all values in the console
  1. pokemon 5

    Data Types

  2. declare a variable called 'isBig' and set its value according to your country. The variable should hold a Boolean value.
  3. declare a variable 'language', but don't assign it any value yet
  4. log all values in the console
  5. log the types of variables to the console (use typeof)